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How to properly maintain the Belt Grinding Machine

duhui 2021-11-26

About Belt Grinding Machine:

How to properly maintain the Belt Grinding Machine?

When any piece of equipment is in use, correct maintenance is very important. If the equipment is well maintained, it can reduce the occurrence of equipment failures and enable the equipment to have a longer service life. Then, when the Belt Grinding Machine is in use, How to carry out the correct maintenance to ensure that it is used in the best condition?

How to properly maintain the Belt Grinding Machine

1. The storage temperature should be appropriate

When the Belt Grinding Machine is stored, the suitable storage temperature is generally 18-220 degrees Celsius. If the storage temperature is too high, the adhesive of the equipment may be aged and the service life of the equipment will be shortened. This equipment The material is synthetic fiber, which is particularly sensitive to cold, so when storing it, it is not suitable to choose a cold storage with a particularly low temperature.

2. The storage humidity should be appropriate

When storing the Belt Grinding Machine, the appropriate humidity is 40-65%. If the humidity is too high or too low, it is easy to deform the equipment, thereby reducing the bonding strength of the equipment, and may also cause the equipment to appear Severe conditions such as discounts and wrinkles may cause the equipment to be scrapped.

3. Pay attention to usual maintenance

When using Belt Grinding Machine, the tools of the equipment should always be in a relatively sharp state, so that the equipment can obtain better processing performance when in use, so you should pay attention to the equipment according to the instructions and lubricate the equipment in normal times. Or replace its accessories, and regularly check the wires, extension cords, etc. of the equipment, and replace them in time if they are found to be damaged during the inspection process.

When the Belt Grinding Machine is in use, if you want to achieve a good use effect, you must do the usual maintenance.

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