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Excellent deslagging and edge rouding machine for plasma-oxy-fuel-cutting etc SG1030-3TB

SG1030-3TB can effectively remove slag from plasma and flame blanked workpieces, while providing clean surfaces and rounded and smooth corners. The workpieces are fed into the equipment in batches by the crawler for efficient processing.

The grinding mechanism at the core of the equipment uses Xiangsheng's patented "one-circle two-grinding chamfering deburring machine and deburring method", equipped with a special elastic steel column abrasive box and elastic abrasive sheet abrasive box, only for the corners and hole edges of the workpiece Doing efficient and clean automatic grinding can greatly reduce the strength of manual grinding and reduce the cost of consumables. It is suitable for batch high-load processing of carbon steel and other parts.

Excellent deslagging and edge rouding machine for plasma-oxy-fuel-cutting etc
Excellent deslagging and edge rouding machine for plasma-oxy-fuel-cutting etc

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About rotary deburring machine



Rotary deburring machine is a type of industrial machine that uses rotating discs to remove metal from parts. The discs are mounted on an axis, and are rotated at high speed. This process creates a series of smooth surfaces on the parts, which allows them to be re-machined without any damage.


Rotary deburring machine is an important equipment to remove burrs, swirls and scratches from metal surface. This type of machine consists of a number of rotary disks with sharp edges that move around the workpiece at high speed. The disks cut off the protruding burrs and ridges, while the fine scratches are eliminated by the surface's own wear and tear.



About deslagging and edge deburring machine



The use of an deslagging and edge deburring machine helps to remove sharp edges and corners from objects. This type of machine is often used in manufacturing, as well as in the aerospace and automotive industries. By removing these sharp edges and corners, it allows for a smoother finish on the object.


In the manufacturing and processing industries, deslagging and edge deburring machine are used to smooth the sharp edges of objects. These machines use a variety of methods to remove irregularities from the edges of an object, including cutting and grinding. deslagging and edge deburring machine can be used on a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, and stone.






1. Through processing.


2. Set the opening of the equipment and batch processing through batch processing, which is simple and efficient. ​​


2. Magnetic table, adjustable magnetic force, especially suitable for batch workpieces of different sizes


3. The use of vacuuming equipment has achieved good results. 



4. The core high-speed rotating parts are assembled with imported bearings


5. With the design and manufacturing process of grinding block, customers can flexibly configure different grinding materials according to the processing technology. 






Common consumables: elastic steel column abrasive box / elastic abrasive abrasive box

Suitable for processing: batch cutting of carbon steel







Specification :

Max working width


Working thickness


Feed speed




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