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Professional slag removal deburring sanding and chamfering all-in-one Deslagging Machine SG1030-2D+JS+D

For flat workpieces that have been laser cut and plasma blanked, the edges of the workpiece and holes have slag, melting point, explosion point and the surface needs to be cleaned, SG1030-2D+JS+D will be a good choice.

Four sets of workstations are used for automatic grinding of workpieces: end face steel column slag removal disc X2, strong wide abrasive belt and end face sand disc disc, covering everything.

Professional slag removal deburring sanding and chamfering all-in-one Deslagging Machine
Professional slag removal deburring sanding and chamfering all-in-one Deslagging Machine

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About plasma Deslagging Machine



Plasma deslagging machines are used to remove the plasma film on a vessel’s surface. Plasma is a hot gas that is highly energized and behaves in an unpredictable manner. This equipment uses a combination of high-voltage and low-voltage currents to break up the plasma into small particles. This removes the plasma film and prevents it from clogging the vessel's ports or systems.


Plasma deslagging machines are a type of industrial equipment that are used for the removal of metal from oil and gas pipelines. These machines use hot plasma to dissolve the metal and reduce its coefficient of friction. This results in less wear and tear on the pipeline, which in turn allows for a longer lifespan for the pipeline.



About sanding Deslagging Machine



A sanding Deslagging Machine is a type of woodworking machinery that is used to remove the surface dressing of a wooden substrate. The machine uses rotating discs to grind away at the coating, until it is finally free from the substrate. This process usually results in a smoother surface with less chance of checking and cracking.


The use of a sanding Deslagging Machine can help reduce the amount of dust and debris created while sanding. By using this machine, you can also achieve a smoother surface. Additionally, a sanding Deslagging Machine can save you time as it can speed up the process of sanding.






1. Dry processing, low production and maintenance costs, long service life, is a long-term investment equipment


2. Through processing, one feeding completes surface slag removal, burr removal, surface grinding, and smooth edges and corners.


3. Four groups of stations can be processed individually or in combination to meet various process requirements


4. The operation is convenient and intuitive, and the equipment has a built-in LED light source to observe the internal processing status.


Equipped with powerful vacuuming equipment to effectively collect flying dust







Magnetic conveyor bed or vacuum conveyor bed for machining facet parts.


Suitable for processing:


1. Non-ferrous metals


2. The processing thickness is 1mm and above, and the maximum thickness can reach 80mm





Max. working width


Feed speed


Working thickness




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