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Xiangsheng Metal Surface Treatment Service Center was established

duhui 2021-03-22

  On June 1, 2015, Hangzhou Xiangsheng Sanding Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. formally established the "Xiangsheng Metal Surface Treatment Service Center" to meet the needs of sheet metal, metal processing, auto parts and other industries, aiming to provide new and old customers with new technologies and new The experience of using craftsmanship, as well as accepting trial orders for small orders and providing foundry services (small batches are charged for processing costs) to help customers obtain orders with different requirements, which in turn promotes the improvement of Xiangsheng's machine quality.


Xiangsheng Metal Surface Treatment Service Center was established


  As a leader in automated metal surface treatment technology, Xiangsheng provides nearly 400 sets of professional equipment for the global sheet metal industry every year, and constantly researches and develops new technologies to promote the industry level. With the successful development of new deburring technologies, it has become relatively simple The wide abrasive belt surface grinding and deburring (SG series) has developed into an automatic deburring machine with four series of double-sided deburring of the grinding belt (SB series), end brush plate (SD series), and planetary grinding roller (SP series).

  The establishment of Xiangsheng Service Center this time can better display and share the latest achievements and serve new and old customers.

  Appointment service telephone: 0571-88524367

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