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Excellent deslagging and edge rouding machine for plasma-oxy-fuel-cutting etc SG1300-3TB+B

Machine description:

Jonsen SG1600-3TB+3B provides a slag and dross removal and clean smooth rounding edge on both Top and bottom size in one pass.  

The  Innovated technology of this machine is six stations of  Jonsen patent “deslagging and deburring vertical belt”.

The flexible metal alloy pillar and abrasive block is installed a vertical rotating rubber based belt to work on the cutting parts.   

The deslagging and deburring tooling works mainly on the edges to offer an efficient job.  Compared with the boring  manual deburring work, SG1600-3TB+3B  offer a closed and cleaning deburring job.

Excellent deslagging and edge rouding machine for plasma-oxy-fuel-cutting etc SG1300-3TB+B

Excellent Deslagging Machine - JONSEN SANDER

Product details presentation

About Excellent Deslagging Machine



An excellent deslagging machine is a must for any boat owner. This machine will allow you to remove the wet sludge and scum that accumulates on the bottom of your boat over time. Not only will it give your boat an impeccable shine, but it will also protect it from corrosion.



About edge rouding Deslagging Machine



The edge rouding Deslagging Machine is a new invention that is being used in the coal mining industry. It is a machine that helps to remove the coal from the mine by breaking it down into small pieces. This machine has been very successful and is being used more and more often in the coalmining industry.









1. Double-sided processing, large pieces of cutting slag face down without turning over. 



2. Set the opening of the equipment and batch processing through batch processing, which is simple and efficient. ​​


2. Heavy-duty roller pinch workpiece conveying device, durable.


3. The use of vacuuming equipment has achieved good results. 



4. The core high-speed rotating parts are assembled with imported bearings

Abrasive block design and manufacturing process


Common consumables: elastic steel column abrasive box / elastic abrasive abrasive box

Suitable for processing: batch cutting of carbon steel






Max.working width


Working thickness


Feed speed





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