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Jonsen SG1030-WJS efficient wet operation wide abrasive belt grinding machine SG1030-WJS

Jonsen SG1030-WJS wet type wide belt grinding machine is widely used in sheet metal fabrication and material production. 

SG1030-WJS is very used to process material like Aluminum-magnesium alloy, zirconium, titanium, thin stainless steel etc.  

The life time of abrasive belt on wet machine is longer than dry type machine. 

Jonsen SG1030-WJS efficient wet operation wide abrasive belt grinding machine SG1030-WJS

Jonsen SG1030-WJS efficient wet operation wide abrasive belt grinding machine - JONSEN SANDER

Product details presentation

About plasma Deslagging Machine



Plasma deslagging machines are used to remove the plasma film on a vessel’s surface. Plasma is a hot gas that is highly energized and behaves in an unpredictable manner. This equipment uses a combination of high-voltage and low-voltage currents to break up the plasma into small particles. This removes the plasma film and prevents it from clogging the vessel's ports or systems.


Plasma deslagging machines are a type of industrial equipment that are used for the removal of metal from oil and gas pipelines. These machines use hot plasma to dissolve the metal and reduce its coefficient of friction. This results in less wear and tear on the pipeline, which in turn allows for a longer lifespan for the pipeline.



About sanding Deslagging Machine



A sanding Deslagging Machine is a type of woodworking machinery that is used to remove the surface dressing of a wooden substrate. The machine uses rotating discs to grind away at the coating, until it is finally free from the substrate. This process usually results in a smoother surface with less chance of checking and cracking.


The use of a sanding Deslagging Machine can help reduce the amount of dust and debris created while sanding. By using this machine, you can also achieve a smoother surface. Additionally, a sanding Deslagging Machine can save you time as it can speed up the process of sanding.


Machine feature 



1.Wet operation, fine surface.  


2.Machine opening controlled by  digital control system.


3.Jonsen patent four pillar jack screw support and lift system of feed table. 


4.Jonsen patent wide belt tracking control system. 


5.Stainless steel made precision paper filtration device 


6.Oil resistant type conveyer belt 


7.SKF bearings used on contact drum and idler roller for a long time use.  




Option model:


1Multi-heads wide belt grinding station and polishing roller station for the final fine surface.  


2.Magnetic table equipped for those small steel material processing finishing.  


3.The width of this type can be: 350mm, 630mm. 830mm, 1030mm,1300,1600mmetc.


Several machines in line for uninterrupted grinding or finishing.







Consumer: Various grit of wide belt and barrel brush etc.

Suitable for processing: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, aluminum magnesium alloy, rubber, etc



Max.working width


Working thickness


Feed speed





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