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Xiangsheng brand oil mill wire drawing production line series SG1300-JS/SG1300-2JS

Xiangsheng oil mill wire drawing production line adopts pure oil mill processing technology, the product surface is more delicate, the visual effect is better, and the rust prevention ability is better. For the whole sheet drawing production line, it includes front and rear auxiliary power roller tables, No.4 snow sand drawing machine, HL long straight wire drawing machine, degreasing machine, washing and drying machine, laminating machine, etc. For some customers with higher requirements, the No.4 short wire drawing machine can be equipped with a plate back grinder. For coil customers, corresponding rewinding and unwinding and leveling devices are also required.

Xiangsheng brand oil mill wire drawing production line series SG1300-JS/SG1300-2JS

Oil Grinding Finishing Machine - JONSEN SANDER

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About oil Grinding Finishing Machine



The oil grinding finishing machine is used for grinding the end of the oil pipeline. It consists of a series of stationary and moving parts that can quickly grind a section of pipeline. The finished product is then able to flow smoothly and easily through the pipeline.


The oil grinding finishing machine is the last step in the oil production process. It is used to remove any impurities that may be left over after the oil has been extracted from the ground up oil seeds. The machine uses a series of gears and rollers to grind the oil until it is a fine powder.



About Grinding Finishing Machine



The grinding finishing machine is used to polish the surface of the product to make it smooth. The machine has a rotating disk that makes contact with the surface of the product and a polishing pad that removes any irregularities on the surface.


The grinding finishing machine is a machine that is used to finish the surface of a workpiece by rubbing it against an abrasive wheel. The finished product is usually a smoother surface.






1. No.4 drawing host and HL drawing host.





Large diameter abrasive belt contact wheel, excellent surface grinding quality,


The front and rear bearings of the contact rollers are made of SKF precision bearings, which are durable, the roller conveying structure is smooth and powerful, and the Xiangsheng patented abrasive belt trajectory control device.


2. All conveying connecting rollers are wrapped with high-quality rubber to prevent secondary scratches on products.


3. Efficient degreasing, hot water cleaning, spraying, drying devices, no oil stains on the surface after processing. 





4. Equipped with a complete grinding oil spraying and drying device for the surface of the abrasive belt


5. Whole line online monitoring system




Optional processing width


whole line speed


Optimum processing thickness


Belt circumference



No.4straight filament/HL straight filament


commercial polishing machine

Wide belt polishing machine SG1030-WJS+DB

Belt grinding machine

Belt grinding machine SGP1000

burr removing machine

Burr removing machine SGB1000

thermal deburring machine

Thermal deburring machine SGP800


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